Basic rates. These are the most common rates, some pianos and situations may require extra time and charges.Taxes will be added when applicable. Rates do not include piano moving to and from shop if needed, or travel charges outside service area (see "service area").


Full Piano Tuning/Service appointment(includes Pitch raise tuning, Fine tuning, and up to one hour of repairs,adjustments, and soundboard/keytop cleaning)- $200, a discount is applied for semiannual tunings.

On site repairs and voicing- $80 first half hour,$40 each addition half hour

Full regulation $900

Touch up regulation-hourly

New Hammers, Action parts, Dampers or action felts/leathers-Varies, please call for quote

Dampp Chaser installation- Grands up to 6'9" $675, Most Larger Grands $825, Most Uprights $535

Restringing-Varying, starting at $1200 in shop, $1650 on site

Restoration-Varies, please call for quote

Keytop repair-hourly

Keytop replacement-$40 each for ivory, Full set synthetic keytops starts at $450 depending on material chosen

Refinishing-varies, Starting at $3800 for small grand pianos and $1,800 for small upright pianos

Player piano repair-Hourly

Player Piano Restoration-Varies, starting at $3800